The Era press

The Era Press is a small letterpress studio in the mountains of North Carolina. There is a special place in our hearts for pattern and design, but above all, we love pressing ink into paper to create thoughtful stationery and paper goods for the home.

Knowing the ins and outs of letterpress printing comes from over 15 years of printing experience. That’s a lot of time spent mixing ink, adjusting the rollers, trimming paper, cranking the press, and solving problems on the fly. Each of our pieces is handfed, one color at a time, through one of our antique printing presses. Some might call us crazy for continuing these traditions, but we believe this process has a beauty and attention to detail that makes it unique and worth saving.


Photo by Jeremy Seifert

Photo by Jeremy Seifert

Our letterpress and design shop is tucked into the mountains of NC between Asheville and Boone. We don't currently have open hours, but if you would like to come for a visit please reach out.

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